Stories Worth Sharing

We strive to create content that makes people ask the question... 
Have You Seen This?

Script Editing

With numerous award winning scripts and films under our belts, we are ready to help elevate your idea into something truly special.

Pitch Building

A project is just an idea before it gets green-lit. Let us help you design and beautiful pitch material so that you can inspire confidence in your idea.

Grant Applications

Technical writing can be difficult, and grant applications are often needlessly complex. We can help take of the stress and provide guidance as you apply for grants and other financial incentives. 

Creative Development

With our collective experience on hundreds of films, and a series of award winning original projects, we will collaborate with you to make your film the best it can be.


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To rent equipment and to shoot on location you need insurance... and a lot of it. Take advantage of our insurance policy by sparing you the hassle of short-term production insurance.


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Production Support

Whether it's gear, insurance, vehicles, or simply a place to collaborate, HYST is dedicated to providing all of the tools that makes your life easier.

Internal Team Members

We have a team of filmmakers ready to dive into your project. 

Technical Crew

Crewing up? Let us help.

Extended Network

Take advantage of our extended network. Looking for Key Creatives and Collaborators? Look no further. Every person who joins HYST brings along a network of other creatives, and together, we have access to 1000's of hard-working artists.

Be Part of a Team

Tired of being a one-person show? We get it. We've gathered a team of hard working and dedicated film makers, ready to bring your next vision to life. 


Everyone knows Post can be a headache. We have a team of editors ready to take your RAW footage and turn it into a polished product. From assembly to fine cut, we love the process of making films.

Motion Graphics

The difference between good and great is in the details. Add some flare to your work by implementing motion graphics. 

Project Backups

Shelves overflowing with harddrives? We meticulously backup all of our work. We can easily add your projects to our workflow to give you the peace of mind that your footage is always safe.

Post Production

Editors like to edit. We have a roster of editors that are ready to dive and bring your project across the finish line.