We strive to create content that makes people ask the question...

Have You Seen This?


Our Story

Whether you're raving about the new series you binged last weekend or quoting lines from your favorite film, the universal language of cinema and TV lovers alike always comes back to the same question: "Have You Seen This?"

We founded HYST in 2019 with the goal of making a movie. A few short months later, we wrapped our first feature film. Since then, we've produced an array of music videos, short films, and features, and have several original scripts in development.

Along our journey, we've acquired a lot of sweet gear, made a lot of great connections, and learned that making a movie is a lot more than pointing a camera and calling out, "Action!"


It's about story. And that's why at HYST, story drives everything we do.

Image by Annie Spratt


HYST is a young, collaborative team of film industry professionals and storytellers with proficiency and experience in every facet of filmmaking.


Diverse and versatile to meet your project needs, our team is committed to delivering fantastic content while making the creative process fun.

Ben Speir

Creative Director,

Emily Utting


Kevin Eade

Executive Director,

Sam Grady

Creative Developer

Jason Speir

Director of Operations,

Yvette Sin

Creative Developer

Your Story

We want to bring your vision to life.

We're more than a production company... We're storytellers that want to help you discover and share your unique perspective with the world. Artist, local brand, or not-for-profit, you deserve compelling, original content that leaves a meaningful impression on your audience.

You have a story. We're here to help you tell it.