Luce Initiative Dine-a-Round Event

Dec. 16, 2021

The Luce Initiative's Dine-a-Round offers the opportunity to connect, while fundraising at a level that is comfortable to you

A Dine-a-Round is a dinner event held and sponsored by independent hosts who want to support the Luce Initiative’s annual fundraising drive.

Each host decides on the location, number of guests, and scale of their event. Hosts work within their comfort level to create an enriching experience that enables their guests to reconnect and recharge while contributing to youth’s mental health programs. In addition guests who participate in the fundraising dinner have the opportunity to learn more about how 'Luce helps' with the hope that many engage as a Host Ambassador in next year’s annual drive.

HYST had the pleasure of documenting the Luce Initiative's inaugural Dine-a-Round on September 25, 2021, hosted by Lucio Di Clemente, the organization's founder. HYST is proud to be an in-kind sponsor of the Luce Initiative and collaborate on many more exciting events in the future.