AHI Featured on the Grammy's Positive Vibes Only Series

Dec. 12, 2021

AHI reminds listeners that they're not alone with his moving performance of "Say It To Me" in this week's edition of Positive Vibes Only

On July 28, 2021, HYST had the pleasure of capturing AHI's live session performance  recorded in Toronto's iconic Union Station. Accompanied by a string quartet and a pianist on a grand piano delivered for the night, AHI performed three songs, "Danger," "Say It To Me," and "Full Circle," from his newest album "Prospect" (2021).

The video of "Say It To Me" was selected by the Grammy's to be featured on an episode of their series, "Positive Vibes Only."

Watch the stirring performance here

Hearing AHI's amazing gravel-on-silk vocals resounding through the stunning acoustics of Union Station is truly special.

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